Out of Office!

Availability- June 2022

For those wanting face to face counselling sessions, I now have a weekly slot available at 6pm on Thursdays! This is the holy grail of counselling slots for those who work a 9-5 so don’t wait, contact me to secure it 🙂

Father’s Day- Opt Out?

I commented on this article for Mother’s Day but the thoughts stay the same. Are ‘opt out’ emails helpful? For those of us without a dad, with complicated feelings about our dads or for those wishing they were dads, is it a painful reminder of what we don’t have or a day we just ignore?…

What is your self care today?

I picked out starting a jigsaw today. When it feels too hard to choose what self care you want/need, something like this can make it that little bit easier. What is your self care today?